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Professional Excel & VBA Experts

We design and create bespoke business solutions.

Our Excel and VBA experts develop bespoke spreadsheets and Excel apps to simplify and automate complex business processes.


Excel is universally used by companies and individuals. Microsoft invests heavily in the Office software suite and continues to develop and improve it.  Additionally, it is augmented by a growing and powerful ecosystem of applications.  Our experts have in-depth knowledge of these applications and can help you to utilise the power of this ecosystem in your business, thus improving processes and maximising productivity.


We can save you time by creating bespoke software to power your business including:

  • Back office systems

  • Quotation, proposal, invoicing and billing tools

  • CRM, ticketing and API integrated web software

  • Excel process automation

  • Advanced spreadsheets

Get in touch today for a free quotation:

"Your excellent and in-depth coding has allowed us to turn 2 hours work per day reformatting spreadsheets into a few seconds."


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Bespoke Excel Spreadsheets

Bespoke Excel spreadsheets designed to support your business needs.

VBA Programming

Automation saves  time and eliminates the risk of manual errors. Our experts can analyse your current systems and advise on how automation can benefit you.


Our experts, with a background in finance and banking, can create financial models, projections and scenario planning built using best practice and industry standards.


Database Development

We build easy- to- use, powerful database solutions to meet your specific business requirements.

Add-in Development

Expand the funtionality of Excel  by creating Add-ins, Excel Add-ins and COM Add-ins.


"Excellent work. You were quick in understanding what I wanted to achieve, and delivered. We use the spreadsheet you created every day in our process."

- Jeff Ratliff -


Bayer CropScience

"Excel Developers rewrote some crucial Excel code which we rely upon to save up to 75% of our analysis resource once a quarter. Most impressive was the ability to send someone on-site to avoid potential misunderstandings between what we needed and the delivered solution but also the excellent after sales support."

- Phil Pratt -


Hownow Consulting

"The experience of working with Excel Developers was very positive. They were responsive to feedback and flexible in their approach to the project we worked on, which was really appreciated.

We ended up with a great product, thanks for your hard work!"

- Coral Mconnan -

Marketing & Sales

Triniti Marketing UK

"I was extremely impressed with the timeliness and quality of the work done by Excel Developers."

- Scott Nelson -

Senior Risk Officer

Pioneer Du Pont




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"A very easy company to deal with on a project I thought would be a complete nightmare, specified, developed and made live in a few days."

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